The Cleric's Small Shield is a small shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A small shield used by clerics on pilgrimage. Enchanted with a somewhat fragile blessing that allows spells to be deflected by parrying.
Specially-crafted to provide extra durability and some level of physical defense.

Availability Edit

The Cleric's Small Shield is found on a corpse, after the Prowling Magus and Congregation, in the room where Cromwell the Pardoner is found. The corpse is located in the back of the attic-like room. Both the shield and a fading soul can be pillaged from it.

Characteristics Edit

The Cleric's Small Shield boasts exceptional elemental defenses, as well as an appreciable amount of physical defense, for a relatively low weight. This makes it a great choice for players who wish to remain mobile, and have a reliable shield that can fend off both physical and elemental punishment. Reinforcing this will improve its stability, making it a suitable choice, even in later parts of the journey.

As with all spell-parrying shields, a faint, white aura will be visible around the player during the parry animation. However, since this is a small shield, the parry window is marginally faster.

It's performance is comparable to the Watcher's Shield, which provides better physical and Dark defence along with more stability, but is marginally heavier and lacks a spell parry. The Watcher's Shield also has slightly worse Magic and Fire defence but better Curse and Petrification resistance. However, the Cleric's Small Shield is also found much earlier, and is considerably cheaper to reinforce.

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