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For the Dark Souls pyromancy, see Combustion.
For the Dark Souls II pyromancy, see Combustion (Dark Souls II).

Combustion is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Creates a powerful flame in the wielder's hand. One of the most basic pyromancies, and for this very reason, the flame create is fierce. Works while equipped in either hand.




This skill acts as the "Combustion" pyromancies from previous games. It consumes a small amount of FP, so it is useful to deal with creatures weak to Fire. This is the weakest pyromancy but could become a lifesaver.

Online gameplayEdit

Due to the time for casting and the low damage, this skill is dangerous in PvP, especially if the opponent wears armor with high Fire resistance. It could be used to finish an opponent, although there are other methods better than this.


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