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The Company of Champions is a covenant in Dark Souls II. This covenant increases the difficulty of the game and gives the player a Champion's Tablet.


The player can join this covenant as soon as they arrive in Majula. Crossing the village, they will find a ledge extending from the cliffside. Following this ledge, the player will find the Victor's Stone


  • Joining this covenant offers a higher degree of difficulty to the game and disables friendly summoning (including NPC summoning) and being summoned, although it is still possible to summon hostile spirits and be invaded. All enemies deal more damage and have more health.
  • Defeating an invading red phantom will reward the player with an Awestone. Defeating red phantoms summoned through a Red Sign Soapstone do not yield awestones. Certain monsters also drop awestones rarely. These awestones can be offered to rank up in the covenant.
  • Enemies gain higher tactical intelligence, as they will retreat when at low health, and attack at the same time, making fighting multiple enemies much more dangerous.
  • Enemies that have not stopped respawning from being defeated multiple times will continue to respawn indefinitely while the player is within the covenant. This effect does not affect enemies that have already stopped spawning or do not respawn normally.
Rank Stones Offered Rewards
+0 - Champion's Tablet
+1 10 Great Magic Weapon
+2 25 First Dragon Ring
+3 50 Vanquisher's Seal

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