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Default control scheme for Dark Souls.

Action PS3 XBOX360 PC
Movement and Camera
Movement Left-analog Left-analog W/A/S/D (Left Ctrl to walk)
Camera Right-analog Right-analog Mouse or I/J/K/L
Lock-on/off or
Reset Camera
R3 R3 Mouse3 or O
Switch Equipment
Swap Right Weapon Right D-pad Right D-pad V
Swap Left Weapon Left D-pad Left D-pad C
Cycle Items Down D-pad Down D-pad Scroll-wheel Down or F
Cycle Spells Up D-pad Up D-pad Scroll-wheel Up or R
Action/Confirm A Q
Use Item X E
Run/Dash Left-analog + hold ◯ Left-analog + hold B W/A/S/D + hold Spacebar
Backstep Tap ◯ Tap B Tap Spacebar
Roll Left-analog + tap ◯ Left-analog + tap B W/A/S/D + tap Spacebar
Jump Run + tap ◯ Run + tap B Run + tap Spacebar
Two-hand Weapon Y Left-alt
Weak Attack R1 RB Left-click or H
Strong Attack R2 RT Right-click or U
Jump Attack Flick left-analog + R2 Flick left-analog + RT Tap W/A/S/D + Right-click
Running Attack Run + R1 or
R1 after Backstep
Run + RB or
RB after Backstep
Run + Left-click or
Left-click after Backstep
Rolling Attack R1 after Roll RB after Roll Left-click after Roll
Kick Flick left-analog + R1 Flick left-analog + RB Tap W/A/S/D + Left-click
Block/Left-hand Attack L1 LB Left-shift
Parry/Shield Bash L2 LT Tab
Drawing and Firing R1 RB Left-click or H
Aiming Mode L1 LB Left-shift
Zooming In/Out Up/Down D-pad Up/Down D-pad Up/Down Arrow Keys
Swap Equipped Ammunition L2 or R2 LT or RT Right-click or Tab or U
Mount A Q
Slide Down B Spacebar
Attack Upwards R1 RB Left-click or H
Attack Downwards R2 RT Right-click or U
Display Menu Start Start End
Select/Scroll D-pad D-pad Arrow Keys
Confirm/Equip A Enter or Left-click
Cancel/Previous Screen B Backspace or Right-click
Status Screen
Y Insert
Toggle Display/
Remove Equip.
X Delete
Cycle Menu L1 or R1 LB or RB Page Down/Page Up
Gesture Menu
Gesture Menu
Select Back G
Select/Scroll D-pad D-pad Arrow Keys
Confirm A Enter or Left-click
Switch Gesture Y Insert
Cancel B Backspace or Right-click

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