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Corpse Rats are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Giant Rodents who loyally serve the Rat King, and defend their burrows from intruders. They are covered in filth and scabs, and will bite and lunge at the player, causing Petrification build-up. Encountered only in the Grave of Saints which they have infested and now call home. Corpse Rats will appear from tombs and holes in the ceiling, usually in groups to attack the player. Corpse Rats are the initial hazard of the Royal Rat Vanguard boss fight.


One can avoid all of the rats with relative ease simply by rushing to the Grave Entrance bonfire located on the second floor. When the player is forced to engage them, they will want to avoid being attacked too much at one time, especially since taking hits from multiple rats will lead to Petrification and an instant death.



Upon dying, a Corpse rat will disintegrate, unlike the other variant of rat encountered in Doors of Pharros.

If one cannot participate in PvP in order to collect Rat Tails to rank up in the Rat King (covenant), then they can farm Corpse rats to acquire them instead.

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