Corrosive Egg Insects are enemies in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King


Corrosive Egg Insects are commonly found in Shulva and the Dragon's Sanctum. They are capable of creating corrosive acid clouds, hence these enemies are dangerous foes if the player's equipment is in near-broken state. They can be encountered either in their original state as an egg, or in their hatched state as an insect, which are also capable of flying.

They are usually perched on the ceiling of a room in numbers of three or four, out of plain sight, and drop altogether to ambush the player if he or she walks to a certain point in the room or if one is attacked.

The rooms where they lurk are generally stuffed with mounds of eggs which release a splash of corrosive acid when destroyed. They can also be found frequently in tight corridors. One must be wary as their physical attacks can deal considerable damage and evading them can be difficult due to the hindrances previously mentioned. Perhaps their most dangerous attack is when they release a corrosive acid cloud around them and start chasing the player relentlessly. This attack lasts for a very lengthy amount of time.

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