Courland is a mentioned location in Dark Souls III.


Very little is known about the land of Courland, other than the fact Ludleth hails from there and also that the art of transposition was practiced and possibly originated there.

Ludleth's dialogue before being given the Transposing Kiln says: "Most transposing kilns were lost with Courland..." probably indicating this city or settlement doesn't exist anymore.



  • The Transposing Kiln is described as being from Courland.
  • The Skull Ring is also from Courland, described as "one of Courland's transposed wonders". It is eventually revealed to have been in Ludleth's possession all this time.


  • A carving on Ludleth's throne in Firelink Shrine reads: "Ludleth the exiled", implying he was forced to abandon Courland.

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