For the Dark Souls variant, see Logan's Catalyst.

The Court Sorcerer's Staff is a staff in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Catalyst used by the court sorcerers of the Profaned Capital. Very powerful when wielded by an exceptionally intelligent sorcerer.
The court sorcerers laid claim to the legacy of the renowned Big Hat Logan, going so far as to emulate him with copies of the staff he used.
Skill: Steady Chant
Boost the strength of sorceries for a very short period. Works while equipped in either hand.


Dropped by a Mimic in the Profaned Capital, inside the second floor of the building within the Toxic swamp. It is guarded by a Monstrosity of Sin.


This staff is renowned as the most powerful Sorcery catalyst for builds with 50 or more Intelligence. This makes it the de-facto go-to catalyst for dedicated Sorcerer builds.

It has the highest Spell Buff beyond 50 Intelligence, short of the Archdeacon's Great Staff with high amounts of Intelligence and Faith, and is only slightly inferior in terms of damage when compared with the Sage's Crystal Staff if both are buffed with Steady Chant. As the latter relies on inflicting burst damage with its skill active, the Court Sorcerer's Staff is more ideal for players who wish to deal steady damage over time without relying on the buff.

Care should be taken when using Steady Chant with this staff, as the cost of the skill is almost twice that on most other staves. It should be activated only in situations where the increased damage can be critical to victory, rather than any time the opportunity presents itself.


Reinforced with regular Titanite.


  • If one looks properly from the right angle, they will find that the bottom part of the staff that is beneath the hand grip is slightly lower than the rest of the staff.
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