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The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A silver ring depicting the snake, both the servant and manifestation of the god of greed, Zandroe.
Greed is traditionally viewed as a vice, but only a fool allows that to ruin a good opportunity.

Location Edit

Close to The Tower Apart bonfire in The Lost Bastille, beyond the room with a Royal Crossbowman and multiple undead dogs.

The +1 version can be obtained by talking to Melentia after having spent over 10,000 souls at her shop.

The +2 version can be obtained by defeating Mytha, the Baneful Queen on NG+.

Notes Edit

  • Effect stacks with other soul increasing items, such as the Jester's Gloves and the Warlock Mask. Additionally, several soul increasing items may be applied at the same time with no effect loss.
  • This ring is based on the sin of greed while its Dark Souls counterpart is associated with the serpent's gluttony.
  • Just like its Dark Souls counterpart, the ring can be equipped after defeating a boss and the player will gain a boosted number of souls; however, the window for this to be done is much smaller. The ring must be equipped approximately before the "Victory Achieved" message disappears from the screen in order for the player to benefit from its effects.

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