For the Dark Souls variant, see Cracked Red Eye Orb.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Cracked Red Eye Orb (Dark Souls III).

Cracked Red Eye Orbs are online play items in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Online play item. Invade other worlds.
Defeat the master of the world you have invaded to acquire a Token of Spite.
The residual sins of those who have succumbed to dark temptations are contained in the form of the Cracked Red Eye Orb.



Though it is unknown how Red Eye Orbs were created, Cracked Red Eye Orbs are the remains of such things. The Red Eye Orbs were brought to the life-stealing Darkwraiths of New Londo after the Dark Serpent Kaathe corrupted the minds of its people. Cracked Red Eye Orbs have existed for almost as long as the orbs themselves, and as such they retain their evil intended effect: to oblige to the wishes of any undead; although this is temporary and the Cracked Orb will not survive the venture to another world.