Cromwell the Pardoner
"Anyone can be forgiven, as long as he is sincere. No matter how terrible the sin. Surely, we all deserve mercy, yes."
— Cromwell the Pardoner

Cromwell the Pardoner is a character in Dark Souls II.
He's voiced by Tom Cotcher, who also voices Benhart of Jugo.


Cromwell is found in Brightstone Cove Tseldora in a room above the chapel where the Prowling Magus and Congregation boss is fought. When the player exits the main doorway, head to the left, and there will be a ladder in which you can climb up into an attic-like room. Cromwell will be standing in the middle of the room.

Character InformationEdit

Cromwell, as his title implies, can be visited so the players may have their sins forgiven. This will not remove the current sin title the player has, but it does allow hostile NPCs that the player provoked to become friendly again (the Royal Soldiers found in the Giant's Memories are excluded from this), as well as removing the damage penalty on the Lost Sinner's Sword, and thus reverting it to the normal damage it dealt.

He also sells many useful items, such as useful miracles (such as Great Heal and Perseverance) and the statusbite rings, which can greatly aid the player along the way.

He dons the Judgement Set, similarly to how Oswald of Carim donned the Black Set.

Pardoning Edit

When requesting absolution or being pardoned for your sins, a hefty amount of souls will be needed:

  • To find how much you will need, multiply your current soul level by 1000. [Soul Level x 1000]
    • For example, a player who has a soul level of 285 will need 285,000 souls in order to request absolution. Another example would be, if a player is level 75 and wanting to request absolution, then they would need 75,000 souls in order to do so.
  • Having the insufficient amount of souls will result in you being unable to be pardoned, with a clever remark from Cromwell himself.


Hex Scraps of Life
Scraps of Life  ×1
Souls 2,200

Miracle Great Heal II
Great Heal  ×1
Replenishment II
Replenishment  ×1
Caressing Prayer
Caressing Prayer  ×1
Force II
Force  ×1
Souls 8,000 3,000 2,000 1,800
Miracle Emit Force II
Emit Force  ×1
Heavenly Thunder
Heavenly Thunder  ×1
Perseverance  ×1
Souls 4,200 3,300 3,500

Ring Poisonbite Ring
Poisonbite Ring  ×1
Bloodbite Ring
Bloodbite Ring  ×1
Cursebite Ring
Cursebite Ring  ×1
Souls 5,500 7,000 9,000


Item Ring of resistance
Ring of Resistance
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
??? ??? ??? ???

Notes Edit

  • Cromwell will give the player a Ring of Resistance when they talk to him with at least 35 Faith.
  • Unused lines found in the game, shows Cromwell had the ability for players to safely leave covenants similar to Oswald of Carim from Dark Souls.

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