Crown of the Ivory King
For the DLC, see Crown of the Ivory King.

The Crown of the Ivory King is a head armor piece in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King. It is one of the three Lost Crowns.

In-Game Description

Crown of the Ivory King who once ruled this land.
Far to the north, a King built a great cathedral to appease the raging flame. But when he sensed the degradation of his soul, he left without a word, leaving everything to Alsanna, who had, unbeknownst, found a place at his side.
But these were events of long ago, and today, no one even remembers the King's name.



  • Restores 2 HP every three seconds.
  • If all four crowns have been collected, and Vendrick's dialogue has been exhausted, wearing this crown will prevent the player from Hollowing upon death, though a Bloodstain containing their souls will still be left.