For the DLC, see Crown of the Old Iron King.

The Crown of the Old Iron King is a head armor piece in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King. It is one of the three Lost Crowns.

In-Game Description

Crown of the Old Iron King
who once ruled this land.
The King sunk below the scorching iron,
met the one whose name must never
be repeated, and became Ichorous Earth.
But these were events of long ago,
and today, no one even remembers
the King's name.


  • The Crown of the Old Iron King is available as loot after defeating the Fume Knight.


  • Every two minutes the crown is equipped, 20% of spell uses will be restored.
  • If all four crowns have been collected, and Vendrick's dialogue has been exhausted, wearing this crown will prevent the player from Hollowing upon death, though a Bloodstain containing their souls will still be left.


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