The Crystal Chime is a sacred chime in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A sacred chime, once the possession of Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter, and defiled by the scholars of the Grand Archives.
The power of crystals granted the scholars a degree of success. In this case, their work enabled this chime to be suitable for casting both miracles and sorceries.
Skill: Gentle Prayer
Recovers HP for a period of time, albeit extremely slowly. Works while equipped in either hand.


Found in the Grand Archives.

From the large vat filled with wax on the second floor, walk in the opposite direction and look for a corridor on the left, where a red-eyed Lothric Knight is making rounds. The chime is inside a small studio at the end of the corridor.


Acts as both a catalyst and a chime. Scales with both Intelligence and Faith.

This catalyst only suits players that have identical levels of faith and intelligence between level 30 and 40 in said stats.

This is because since the catalyst scales with both stats at the same time, it will deal more damage than any other casting tool between those levels, making it a powerful item for players who focus their builds on Miracles and Sorcery.

In short:

  • On a build with 40 INT and 10 FTH, the Crystal Chime is weaker than any other staff;
  • On a build with 10 INT and 40 FTH, the Crystal Chime is weaker than any other talisman/chime
  • On a build with 40 INT and 40 FTH, the Crystal Chime is the strongest catalyst to cast miracles and sorceries that do not deal dark damage.
  • it will continue to be the most powerful catalyst up until the point that players go beyond level 50 in either stat.

Upgrades Edit

Reinforced with Twinkling Titanite.


  • The most powerful Catalyst for regular miracles and sorceries if players have 40 in both faith and intelligence.
  • Ineffective for casting dark sorceries/miracles. The Sunless Talisman, Caitha's Chime and Izalith Staff, are much more efficient at that.
  • The chime is likely based off the Talisman of Beasts from Demon's Souls.


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