Crystal Magic Weapon is a sorcery in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Further sharpens Magic Weapon via crystallization.
Reinforces right weapon with crystal.
After much experimentation, Logan found the crystal medium facilitated a strong bond between weapon and soul.


Sold by Orbeck of Vinheim once he has been given the Crystal Scroll.


Reinforces right-hand weapon with Magic damage for 60 seconds.

Strategy Edit

PvE Edit

This sorcery proves very useful for a Sorcerer-Warrior. Its effect is similar to Magic Weapon and Great Magic Weapon granting addictional Magic Damage to the weapon buffed, but it's the strongest one. It also grant a high level of Scaling in Intelligence during his effect. Weapons buffed with this Sorcery, can inflict a very large amount of damage to enemies weak to Magic and also a decent amount to all the others. (if they haven't high Magic Resistance).

PvP Edit

Due to his high scaling, this buff is very common in a Sorcerer PvP build. It allows the user to melee-fight successfully the opponent if he is near. A problem could be that Crystal Magic Weapon drains a fairly large amount of FP, so the player must keep an eye on the blue bar, to avoid the risk of being unable to cast other spells.

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