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Crystal Soul Spear is a sorcery in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Further sharpens Soul Spear via crystallization.
Fires a piercing crystal soul spear.
According to the Crystal Sages, old Big Hat achieved enlightment within the Regal Archives, where he came to find the quintessence of sorcery in the facets of a certain crystal.


Sold by Orbeck of Vinheim once he has been given the Crystal Scroll.


Fires a piercing crystal soul spear that can go through a line of enemies. Once fired, this spell has limited homing abilities and often serves as a superior option to Soul Stream when dealing with mobile enemies.


PvE Edit

Crystal Soul Spear is the most powerful spell available but also has the most expensive cost in FP and has a slow casting time. It act just as Soul Spear but grants the caster more damage output and the possibility to pierce through enemies, damaging others. Used along with Rings such as Magic Clutch Ring, Young Dragon Ring and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring it can inflict an even higher amount of damage with a simple Sorcerer's Staff. A way to lessen the weaknesses of this spell could be the use of both Dusk Crown Ring and Sage Ring.

PvP Edit

While Crystal Soul Spear is a very powerful spell, the high FP cost, compared to the damage output, can make it daunting to use. As such, in some situations, players are better off using Great Heavy Soul Arrow, as the damage output compared to the FP consumption is more balanced.

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