Crystalline Gauntlets
Crystalline Gauntlets
Def atk phy 37.0 Def sorc mag 12.0
Def atk strike 31.5 Def sorc fire 9.0
Def atk slash 42.6 Def sorc lght 4.0
Def atk thrust 37.0
Def res poise Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur
9.0 9.0 0.0 0.0
Weight 6.4
Durability 150
Type Hands Armor

Crystalline Gauntlets are hands armor pieces in Dark Souls. They are part of the Crystalline Set.

In-Game Description

Armor worn by a Hollowed knight, who was partially crystallized.
The crystal provides powerful defense, but it cannot be used for long because it is easily broken and cannot be repaired.


Found near the end of The Duke's Archives.


Despite its description, the Crystalline Gauntlets can be repaired, but at the high cost of 100 souls per durability point.


Cannot be reinforced.

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