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Curse is an Auxiliary Effect in Dark Souls.
"The cursed Ghosts of New Londo are formidable foes. To face them, you will require special arms... Or a cursed body."
Domhnall of Zena

General InformationEdit

Curse is a hidden effect that is innately imbued on a very small number of weapons.


The Curse Auxiliary Effect allows the player to damage the Ghosts of New Londo without needing to be cursed. If using a cursed weapon two-handed or in the left hand, it can also be used to block the attacks from ghosts.

Despite not actually using the weapon, kicking while using a cursed weapon in the right hand will still affect ghosts.


When New Londo was flooded to seal the Four Kings, its inhabitants were also sacrificed to contain them. Now they wander the city as ghosts.[1]


The following is the list of weapons that possess the Curse Auxiliary Effect.


The following is a list of all the enemies which require Curse to damage.



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