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Dark is a type of elemental damage in Dark Souls III.

General Information Edit

Dark is one of four damage types in Dark Souls III, inflicted by certain enemies, items, weapons, and spells. While this element is generally ineffective against enemies that normally dwell in the dark, such as Hollows, Skeletons, and affiliates of Aldrich, it is a common weakness among foes of the elite, such as Silver Knights, Pontiff Knights, and Winged Knights.

Defense Edit

To lower Dark damage received, it is necessary to raise the Dark defense stat.

Stats Edit

While leveling up any stat early on will grant Dark defense to some extent, Faith will increase it most efficiently.

Items Edit

  • The Black Bug Pellet provides a temporary increase in Dark defense when consumed.

Equipment Edit

Rings Edit

Shields Edit

Armor Edit

Ulitization Edit

Items Edit

  • Weapons that are not elementally infused can deal Dark damage with the augmentation of a Human Pine Resin.

Infusion Edit

Weapons Edit

Pyromancies Edit

Sorceries Edit

Miracles Edit

Rings Edit

  • The Dark Clutch Ring increases one's Dark attack by 15% at the cost of 10 physical defense.

Ammunition Edit

Enemies Edit

The following is a list of enemies and bosses that can deal Dark damage.

Enemies Edit

Bosses Edit

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