Dark Priestess is an enemy in Dark Souls II.


The Dark Priestess can be found in the Dragon Shrine, in a small gazebo above the plaza where the first Drakekeeper is fought.

In Scholar of the First Sin, the Dark Priestess has been moved to Dragon Aerie, close to the area where the second Guardian Dragon is found.


The Priestess will constantly bombard the player with lightning spear and other projectile attacks as they attempt to reach her. Although these spells do not inflict much damage, they have a short stun effect and with the numerous Drakekeepers in the courtyard, they can be potentially lethal.

The Player can eliminate her with ranged weapons, although she will heal herself if given the chance. A riskier but much faster strategy is to reach the gazebo as quickly as possible and kill her at close range, where she is virtually defenseless.

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