Dark Stalkers (also known as Darkdwellers) are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Dark Stalkers are creatures with irregularly long arms, giving their attacks incredible reach. They dwell in dark places and appear to fear bright lights, as they will recoil if the player approaches them with a torch. Although they are not the most durable enemies, they tend to attack in pairs and their quick swipe attacks can inflict heavy Bleed damage on the player.

Despite their frail appearance, they can absorb quite a lot of damage and are capable of destroying stone walls.

If they are cornered or if they are exposed to light for a prolonged period of time, they will enter a frenzied state and rush at the player, regardless of light and attacking constantly and rapidly.


They appear in No-man's Wharf and often hide in ruined buildings.

A lone Dark Stalker lies near the Under Castle Drangleic bonfire in Drangleic Castle.


Dark Stalkers will not pursue the player into well-lit areas, which can give them time to heal and recuperate. If the player is carrying a torch, they will cower in fear and attempt to flee, although they will occasionally swipe if they get too close. If the player is skilled enough, they can dodge its swipe and backstab them. They will also become aggressive if cornered, attacking the player regardless of light.

Activating the Pharros' Lockstone contraption in the middle of the wharf will bathe most of the area in light, causing the Dark Stalkers to cower inside. Those that do venture outside will bring their hands to their face, and will be defenseless. However, they will fight back once engaged in combat.


2 Hit Swipe: Swings their arms twice in a row.

Overhead Strike: Uses both their arms to perform an overhead strike.

Lunge: Uses one of their arms and lunges it at the player


Item Tattered Cloth Hood II
Tattered Cloth Hood
Tattered Cloth Robe II
Tattered Cloth Robe
Tattered Cloth Manchettes II
Tattered Cloth Manchettes
Heavy Boots II
Heavy Boots
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Mask of Judgment
Mask of Judgment
Robe of Judgment
Robe of Judgment
Manchettes of Judgment
Manchettes of Judgment
Tights of Judgment
Tights of Judgment
Drop Rate ???
(Drangleic Castle)
(Drangleic Castle)
(Drangleic Castle)
(Drangleic Castle)
Item Broadsword II
Longsword II
Radiant Lifegem
Radiant Lifegem
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???


  • Dark Stalkers can be backstabbed, parried and riposted.