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Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild is a non-respawning enemy in Dark Souls III.


A female spellcaster wearing the Fire Keeper Set.

She wields both the Sage's Crystal Staff and a Parrying Dagger. She will also switch to a Crystal Sage's Rapier a few times during the fight.

Her main method of attack is casting Crystal Sorceries such as Crystal Soul Spear, Homing Crystal Soulmass, and Crystal Hail. Even though she rarely switches to melee combat, the damage output of her rapid stabbing attacks can deal extreme damage, should the player let themselves get caught by the full barrage.

May parry the player with her dagger, although since she will most likely use her staff to cast a spell afterward, it should not be difficult to evade her subsequent attacks.



Little is known about her, except that she was the favorite student of the Crystal Sages and was even gifted with one of their crystal spheres fixed into a staff.[1]



Kriemhild will invade the player as a dark spirit in the Untended Graves, on the cliff found after the initial courtyard with the broken fountain. Being a spellcaster, she often leaves herself open to attack in close combat. Furthermore, she usually dwindles near the edge of the cliff, setting herself for an easy kill by pushing her off. Since she doesn't drop anything upon defeat in this location, this is perhaps the best course of action for dealing with her.

The player should be aware of a Grave Warden lying almost hidden on the left wall of the same area, which must be disposed of as soon as possible, lest he meddles in an inconvenient moment throughout the fight.

When encountered in the Grand Archives, she will attack along with two other powerful enemies, Knight Albert and Kamui. She will mainly act as support for her two companions by holding ground at a distance while casting spells. It is not recommended to fight all three of them at once, and instead draw them in one at a time with ranged attacks.

If you're having trouble combating them together, a strategy that can be applied to all three of them is the use of Dung Pies. If you make a run for the elevator shortcut and reload the area, they will be visible from the elevator exit and will not trigger from this position unless damaged by a weapon. Since Dung Pies do not cause damage but inflict Toxic buildup, you can throw them without triggering any of them, and can quickly kill them with a Throwing Knife once their HP has been depleted.


Item Sage's Crystal Staff
Sage's Crystal Staff
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(Grand Archives)


  • Kriemhild can heal up via Estus Flask up to two times throughout the fight.


  • Despite the implication that the use of these crystal spheres damages sanity, as implied in the description and possibly seen in the Sages, Kriemhild appears relatively sane.
  • Her proximity to the Archives' Sage suggests that she may have still been learning from them. Her use of their rapier, based on its description, could mean that she is near the experience of the Sages.[2]
  • Her name is derived from the Germanic elements grim "mask" and hild "battle".
  • Kriemhild was a beautiful heroine in the Germanic saga the Nibelungenlied, where she is the sister of Gunther and the wife of Siegfried.


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