The Deacon Set is a light armor set in Dark Souls III.


Dropped by Deacons in the Cathedral of the Deep, Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Anor Londo.


A set composed of only two pieces, the Deacon Set offers very little protection by itself. The pieces provide strong all-round elemental defense, but do little against status effects outside of Curse.

Set piecesEdit

Armor Piece Physical absorption Elemental absorption Resistances General values
Deacon Robe
Deacon Robe
3.6 3.6 4.4 3.6 12.5 12.7 11.6 13.2 19 40 33 79 3.5 1.0 220 100
Deacon Skirt
Deacon Skirt
1.1 1.7 2.1 1.7 6.8 6.9 6.3 7.2 13 26 22 50 2.3 1.1 220 100

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