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The Defender Greatsword is a greatsword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Greatsword wielded by the Throne Defender. Unleash its true power to enwreath in magic.
The Defender has stood by the throne for ages. Will his wait be worth the while?


The Defender Greatsword can be obtained from Weaponsmith Ornifex in exchange for 3,000 souls and the Throne Defender Soul.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Horizontal swipes.
Strong Attack
A forward thrust, followed by a wide right to left slash.
Weak Attack
Downward slashes ending in flair, followed by an upward slash.
Strong Attack
A spinning right to left slash, followed by an upward power swing.
Jump Attack A leap into the air and slams weapon on the ground.
Running Attack A 360° spin, hitting forward left to right in a wide arc.
Rolling Attack A spinning left to right slash.
Kick Guard Break.
Weak Attack
Same as Right hand.
Strong Attack
Same as Right hand.


  • The special attack for both this weapon and the Watcher Greatsword is a self-weapon buffer. Wield it in both hands and press L2, or your respective Parry button. The buff for this weapon is lightning based, and shares the same damage increase of Sunlight Blade, however it does not last as long. The buff lasts for 45 seconds. The buff also uses 10 Durability per buff, so the player should take care not to over-use it. Bracing Knuckle Ring can also reduce the Durability that the weapon buff uses, down to 5 Durability per buff if a +2 version of the ring is worn, making it useful for PvE, specifically boss fights, to equip the ring before buffing, buff the weapon, then de-equip the ring for a more useful one before starting the fight.
  • The weapon does not have a Parry animation while being Two-Handed, as this is replaced with its self-buff.
  • The scaling of this weapon is mostly increased when Infused with Lightning. While the Dexterity scaling drops down to an E, from a D, the Strength scaling stays at a C and the Lightning damage scaling gets an increase from a C to a B.
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