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"Unclothed enigma. Only armed with club and old plank shield."
— Character Creation

The Deprived is one of the Classes in Dark Souls.

The Deprived can be considered the expert player’s class, as its terrible lineup of starting equipment makes the beginning stages of the game much harder to get through until you find better weapons and armor. This gives a challenge in the early stages, as their lack of equipment means that they won't be able to take many hits, and so the deprived class relies on players being more experienced with the game. The benefit experienced players will get from the Deprived is that it starts with all stats at 11, so it can easily be developed into any kind of character. On the flip side, this also means that Deprived have a tough time specializing in one form of combat.


Starting EquipmentEdit

Wpn Club
Plank shield
Plank Shield

Starting StatisticsEdit

Image Stat Name Value
- Level 6
Para vit large Vitality 11
Para attun large Attunement 11
Para endur large Endurance 11
Para str large Strength 11
Para dex large Dexterity 11
Para resist large Resistance 11
Para int large Intelligence 11
Para faith large Faith 11
Total Points at Level 1 88

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