The Disc Chime is a sacred chime in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A rare sacred chime of unknown origin. Can be used as a shield.
This chime, likely brought here by a visiting saint, slightly augments the effects of miracles. Use strong attack to emit miracles and hexes.
Effect: use miracles and hexes (strong attack).


The Disc Chime can be found on a ledge, in a room accessed from either the Grave of Saints or Majula's Deep Pit.

The room where this item is found directly connects to Majula's Deep Pit. The room has a wooden bridge that spans across an open area below (there is also a stone bridge above the wooden bridge). The open area below has two exits; one that leads to Sublime Bone Dust and the other that leads to The Gutter. At one end of the wooden bridge is a chest (requires a jump to get to) containing the Ash Knuckle Ring. The Disc Chime is on a ledge near this chest and will require a well-timed jump in order to reach it from this part of the room.

Jumping from the stone bridge (which runs perpendicular to the wooden bridge below) is likely the easiest method of reaching the Disc Chime. The stone bridge can be accessed after defeating the Royal Rat Vanguard, in the Grave of Saints. There is a hole in the floor (past the Rat King), with coffins sticking out from the sides of the walls, forming a makeshift staircase, leading down to the stone bridge.


The main particularity of this chime is ability to block attacks as it has moderate elemental and status effect resistances, while also having a small weight-to-stability ratio that rivals the best stability-oriented small shields. Because of its E rating for Dark scaling, it is a poor choice for casting Hexes, and thus has more potential when used with Miracles; therefore, infusing it with Lightning is a wise decision, as it bumps the scaling from a B to an A, and it will also boost its ability to block Lightning damage to 90%.

This Chime does have its disadvantages however, chief among them the fact that in-game it is considered a chime, and not a shield. This means that upgrading it will only augment its offensive and casting capabilities, and not its defensive stats. Upgrading the chime, therefore, will not boost its damage resistance stats, nor its stability.

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