Petrified Blacksmith

The Divine Blacksmith is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.


Appearing only as a statue, the Divine Blacksmith is mentioned in passing by Andre of Astora.[1]


His statue, which appears to be praying, is found in Darkroot Garden atop of the tower after the encounter with the Moonlight Butterfly. He holds the Watchtower Basement Key, Divine Ember, and a Homeward Bone.


He is said to forge Divine Weapons for those that are having trouble in The Catacombs.[2] Exactly why he is a statue is unknown. While he shares a distinct resemblance to Andre of Astora, it is most likely that he, and the other blacksmith statues, represent distinct, dead blacksmiths and the model was simply re-used.

The fact that he holds the Watchtower Basement Key may suggest that he is the "dear friend" of Havel the Rock that locked him away in the tower.[3]

Other Blacksmith StatuesEdit

Identical Blacksmith statues can be found in the Tomb of the Giants and the Painted World of Ariamis holding the Large Divine Ember and Dark Embers respectively.

Tomb of the GiantsEdit

Located near the "Tomb of the Giants" bonfire and warping point, down a small square hole, surrounded by numerous Giant Skeleton Swordsmen.

Painted World of AriamisEdit

In the Annex, which can be accessed by using the Annex Key on the door to the right of the Phalanx enemy. After reaching the top of the stairs, the statue is down another set beyond the torch wielding Engorged Zombie.


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