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Dorhys' Gnawing is a miracle in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Miracle of Dorhys the deranged evangelist.
Summons great insect swarm to feast on foes.
Those who linger too long on the brink of the Deep will often slip. Dorhys is sure to have wallowed in this darkness, intoxicated by its peril.


Guaranteed drop from the Cathedral Evangelist in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

From Central Irithyll, make way past the plaza with the fountain. To the left of the second Fire Witch there will be a small terrace with a Crystal Lizard. The banister on the right is illusory and will reveal a staircase once hit. Head down the stairs past a Pontiff Knight and toward a deranged Evangelist named Dorhys, who guards an item in the cell below. Defeat her to acquire the miracle.


Being a stronger variant of Gnaw, casting Dorhys' Gnawing releases a swarm of insects that causes minimal Dark damage and heavy Bleed build-up.

It is best used against opponents with low Bleed resistance, as the Dark damage will be negligible even if the foe has low absorption to this element.

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