The Dragon Eye is an online play item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Online play item. Invade a world with a Dragon Scale to claim the scale from its master.
If our human flesh is our greatest weakness, then those who seek a form that imitates the ancient dragons are the true vanguard.



When used, the player will kneel and place a dragon sign on the ground. This sign, similar to the Red Sign Soapstone or the White Sign Soapstone, will be seen in other player's worlds. If activated, both players will duel, and the winner will gain a Dragon Scale.

Notes Edit

  • Unlike the Red Sign Soapstone, dying while under the effects of the Dragon Eye does not cause the player to lose their souls.
  • Contrary to the item description, the Dragon Scale that the winner of the duel receives is not subtracted from the loser's inventory. It simply appears out of nowhere.
  • Players using the Dragon Eye can not be summoned by hosts that have any other players in their world, including phantoms, dark spirits, or arbiter spirits. This is good because it eliminates the chances of getting summoned into a two on one fight or fight clubs, making the Dragon Eye a good option for players looking for fair one on one duels.