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Dragon Knights are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Dragon Knights are found defending the Ancient Dragon in the Dragon Shrine.


These foes can dual wield, though their attack speed isn't that impressive. They can perform guard breaks on the player and will take an Estus when injured. The player can exploit their distance by using ranged attacks such as Poison Arrows. Sweeping weapons with high poise damage, such as the Greatsword, are also effective, allowing the player to stun-lock them with several strikes before moving back, completely avoiding damage. Due to their large health pool, it's best to lure them out one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

They are very weak to lightning based miracles such as Lightning Spear.

Scholar of the First SinEdit

In Scholar of the First Sin, a total of nine Dragon Knights are found. Two near the first Drakekeeper, two near the Drakekeeper holding a mace, and two where the Priestess used to be. And two additional near the entrance leading to the Ancient Dragon. One Knight is in the area leading to Dragonfang Villard. Most of the Knights won't attack the player, but will perform a Duel Bow upon seeing them.

Only one Knight is inherently hostile to the player. This Knight is located just before the Ancient Dragon and wields two Black Dragon Greatswords.

Nearby Dragon Knights will turn hostile if the player attempts to progress without defeating the Drakekeepers, or if they have friendly Phantoms or Shades in their world. The Knights will also become hostile if hit, even if it is by beneficial spells like Warmth.


Item Black Dragon Greataxe
Black Dragon Greataxe
Black Dragon Warpick
Black Dragon Warpick
Black Dragon Sword
Black Dragon Sword
Black Dragon Shield
Black Dragon Shield
Dragon Scale II
Dragon Scale
Drop Rate Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Rare
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