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The Dragon Remnants is a Covenant in Dark Souls IIIt is extremely similar to the Dark Souls covenant, Path of the Dragon.


One must have the Petrified Egg in their possession.

How to JoinEdit

Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron Keep receives the option to allow players to enter the Dragon Remnants covenant after he is given the Petrified Egg from the Dragon Shrine.


  • Upon joining, Magerold of Lanafir gives the player the Dragon Eye and Ancient Dragon Seal.
  • Using a Dragon Eye places a sign down for other players to summon and duel the player in a manner similar to the Red Sign Soapstone. The victor receives a Dragon Scale which can be offered to Magerold to gain ranks.
  • Unlike red phantoms, Dragon Spirits are able to use healing items such as Lifegems, Estus Flasks, etc. while invading another player's world.
Rank Scales Offered Rewards
+0 - Dragon Eye
+1 10 Dragon Head Stone
+2 20 Dragon Torso Stone
+3 30 Black Dragon Greatsword

Notes Edit

  • Dragon Spirits cannot be summoned into the world of a host that has any other players present, such as Phantoms, Dark Spirits, or Arbiter Spirits. This eliminates the possibility of getting summoned into two-on-one fights or fight clubs, allowing for fair one-on-one duels.
  • It's possible to devote to this covenant offline by farming the Imperfect in the Sunken King DLC, as they have a chance to drop Dragon Scales.
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