For the Dark Souls variant, see Dragon Torso Stone.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Dragon Torso Stone (Dark Souls II).

The Dragon Torso Stone is an item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Stone imbued with the power of the everlasting dragons, used in a secret rite by dragon worshippers.
Gain the torso of a dragon and a dragon's roar, a transformation that is irreversible until death.


Found in the Irithyll Dungeon, on a draconic statue looking out beyond the cliffside and performing the "Path of the Dragon" gesture. This is the same spot where the player may use the gesture to gain access to Archdragon Peak.


Upon activation, the player's torso mutates into a dragon/humanoid hybrid form, allowing them to perform a dragon's roar. This transformation is irreversible until death.

Additionally, the player gains the following bonuses:

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