The Drangleic Sword is a greatsword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Greatsword of Drummond, Royal Army Captain. An old and unadorned sword, perhaps, but the pride and joy of this venerable captain.
An heirloom passed from grandfather to father, and then from father to son. Drummond, and those before him, used this sword to repel those who would threaten their great land.


Forest of Fallen Giants - Beyond the Pursuer boss fight, drop down onto a ledge to acquire the Drangleic Set minus the Helm, Drangleic Shield and Drangleic Sword.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Sweeping slash, from right to left, second slash sweeps back to the right.
Strong Attack
An average paced, solid forward thrust. Further input slashes the sword in a circular sweep, from left to right.
Weak Attack
A strong downward diagonal slash, from right to left. Further input slashes in a upward diagonal slash from left to right.
Strong Attack
Low, horizontal, sweeping slash, from right to left. Further input sweeps back to the right.
Jump Attack Vertical slash.
Running Attack Circular slash, from left to right.
Rolling Attack Forward thrust.
Rolling Attack
Vertical slash.
Kick Guard break.
Weak Attack
Identical to Right handed Weak.
Strong Attack
Identical to Right handed Strong.


  • Upgrades with Twinkling Titanite.
  • Drangleic Sword +5 has 270 base damage and C/A/-/-/-/- scaling.


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