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Dung Pie
Item Dung Pie
Undead Female Merchant - 200 souls
Hawkeye Gough (AotA) - 200 souls
Infested Barbarian - drop
Turns enemy toxic, but also affects player

Dung Pies are offensive items in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Atrocious fecal waste material. Throw at enemy to build up toxins, but also builds up your toxicity,
Although the stench makes it difficult to carry on one's person, turning an enemy toxic inflicts high damage over a period of time.


General InformationEdit

When thrown, causes high Toxic buildup to the target, but also increases toxic buildup to the user (to a lesser extent).

Its Toxic deals 7 damage per second over a duration of 10 minutes once inflicted.


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