The Eagle Shield is a greatshield in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Greatshield with an eagle design. Lightest and easiest greatshield to handle.
Greatshields are very stable, and deflect attacks. But one cannot parry, and instead bashes with the shield.


The Eagle Shield is found on a buttress close to the upper area bonfire in Blighttown.


Both the lightest and least strength reliant greatshield in the game. An extremely versatile shield, it combines heavy deflection, and very high stability, with low stat requirements and weight that makes it usable even by non-strength focused characters. This shield has a standard bash attack and the crystal durability is 30.

Resistance DefenseEdit

Along with Physical and Elemental damage reduction, weapons also have hidden stats that reduce the amount of status build-up while blocking.

Resistance Reduction
Aux Bleed 85%
Aux Poison 85%
Def res toxic 85%
Def res cur 85%


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Shield Bash.*
Strong Attack
Slams shield into the ground. Some starting lag.
Weak Attack
Same as one-hand weak attack.
Strong Attack
Same as one-hand strong attack.
Jump Attack Slams shield into the ground.
Running Attack Holds shield up and runs forward, then slams it down at the end.*
Rolling Attack Flips shield upside down and brings it down against the ground.
Kick Push away with the shield.
Weak Attack
Strong Attack
Shield Bash.*

*While shield is up the player is actively blocking


Pre-patch 1.06, the Eagle shield had 100% physical damage reduction.


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