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For other uses, see Endings.

In Dark Souls II, there are two endings from which the player may chose: Proceed to Throne or Leave Throne. The Proceed to Throne ending was the default ending until the Scholar of The First Sin version was released.

Proceed to ThroneEdit

After the player slays Nashandra (or Aldia, if his conditions are met), a cutscene will play showing the player walking atop the golems, who create a bridge for the player to cross, and into a throne room. In this ending, the Bearer of the Curse will accept their part in the cycle of the world and take the throne. Doing so means that they will either sacrifice themselves to link the flame, or allow the flame to continue fading and become the Dark Lord. Which the Bearer of the Curse chooses is known only to them.

Leave the ThroneEdit

Available only to those with the Scholar of the First Sin update. In order to trigger it, the player must walk to the boss fog at the entrance to the area and accept the "Leave Throne" prompt.

In this ending, the Bearer of the Curse rejects the throne and bitterly walks away, seemingly to seek another, more permanent way to end the curse.

Leave the Throne Ending01:19

Leave the Throne Ending

After the creditsEdit

Regardless of the ending chosen, the player is warped to Majula, allowing them to finish any remaining business. The player may then begin the next New Game+ from the Far Fire.


  • If the player beats Lord Aldia and is faced with the choice of leaving or entering the throne, using a Homeward Bone (or similar) will not send them back to the previous bonfire. A load screen will take place and the player spawn back inside the boss area, forcing them to make a choice.


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