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The Espada Ropera is a thrusting sword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Thrusting sword of Chancellor Wellager.
Forged with rare geisteel.
A masterpiece of the great blacksmith Llewellyn
that he brought along as a gift when he
left Mirrah for Drangleic.


Given to the player by Chancellor Wellager after vanquishing the Giant Lord.


The Espada Ropera is in essence an upgraded version of the Rapier, it has borderline the same stats, same length, same moveset and same Counter-Strength and Poise Damage, although with 0.5 more weight and higher requirements which focus more on DEX builds, which is supported by its higher scaling in DEX, and lower scaling in STR. If playing as a DEX build and the Rapier is a go to weapon of choice, then perhaps the Espada Ropera should be swapped since it has higher potential for that build in particular and it has almost double the durability of the Rapier, making it a more attractive choice for regular PVE.

It also has 5 more points of damage than the Rapier when fully upgraded.

Additionally, the Espada Ropera (along with the Rapier) is also very good for use in power stance when it is wielded in the right hand as one will be able to use the strong attack to parry, which can't normally be done while in a power stance.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
A quick thrusting attack, followed by another.
Strong Attack
Weak Attack
A quick thrusting attack, followed by another.
Strong Attack
A quick upward thrusting attack, followed by another.
Jump Attack Standard plunging attack with a very low range.
Running Attack Quick thrusting attack.
Rolling Attack Quick Thrusting attack.
Power Stance Weak Attack
A swift forward stabbing attack, followed by another.
Power Stance Strong Attack
A forward stabbing attack, followed by another.
Guard break
Standard guard break.
Weak Attack
A quick thrusting attack, followed by another.
Strong Attack




  • "Espada Ropera" means "dress sword" in Spanish, and is the French rapière's contemporary and forerunner. It was used to describe ornate swords worn by civilians (as opposed to the plainer, stronger swords worn by soldiers). It was mainly a fashion accessory, but could be used for personal defense.


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