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Estus Flasks are restorative items in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A green glass bottle of unknown make. Fill it with Estus at a bonfire, and drink from it to restore HP.
There is some kind of link between the Estus Flasks and the bonfires that illuminate the world of the Undead, but knowledge of this has been long forgotten.
All that is known now is that this flask remains a prized possession of the Undead.


  • A single Estus Flask is given to the player by the Emerald Herald in Majula when she is first spoken to.
  • Additional Estus Flasks may be obtained with each Estus Flask Shard brought to her, up to a limit of 12. 
  • Sublime Bone Dust can be found in the game, which increases the amount of health an Estus Flask heals by 50 HP each, to a maximum of +5.

General informationEdit

  • Estus Flasks restore life more quickly than Lifegems, but initially come in a much more limited quantity. Unlike Lifegems, Estus Flasks are automatically refilled at bonfires.
  • A +0 Estus Flask heals for 550, and a +5 Estus Flask heals for 800.
  • Drinking an Estus Flask stops the player completely. With this in mind, it might be beneficial to use a Lifegem if the player is in a pinch, as they only slow down movement speed while used.


  • Summoned shades cannot drink Estus during most PvP. Only hosts or Dragon Eye users can use the Estus Flask during PvP, where the host heals friendly shades.