For the Dark Souls II equivalent, see Ancient Dragon Seal.

The Estus Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A green ring crafted from shards. Increases HP restored by Estus Flask.
This ring was entrusted to a certain Fire Keeper, but in the end she never met her champion, and the ensuing tragic farce became a favorite tale of the masses.


Found at the bottom of the decrepit bell tower behind Firelink Shrine (Tower Key required).

Climb up the spiraling staircase inside the first tower and enter the second one at the other end of the bridge. While facing the lift inside, drop down onto the various caskets protruding from the walls (preferably on the right side as it is safer, although on the left side the Fire Keeper Set can be obtained) and make way to the bottom of the tower, where the ring can be looted from the lifeless body of an old fire keeper.


Increases HP restored by drinking from the Estus Flask by 20%.

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