Evlana, Goddess of the Hunt[1] is a mentioned character in Dark Souls II.

Lore Edit

Evlana is the goddess of bow hunters and the hunt, and is part of the known lore of Drangleic[2][3]. However, Evlana was originally not a goddess, but rather a legendary bow huntress, known for her bravery and high skill. It was only long after her death that she was turned into a deity, with the passing of lore[2][3].

Artifacts Edit


  • Evlana's artifacts were not originally wielded by her. The first known wielder of the Blackbow and Hunter's Hat was Pharis, a famous archer from the Age of Fire.
  • Evlana is likely a reference to the Forest Hunter Archer from Dark Souls. The artifacts are identical to the gear used by the archer, both are female and the Archer is part of the Forest Hunters while Evlana is the Goddess of the Hunt.

References Edit

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