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Executioner Smough
This article is about the character. For the boss, see Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough.


Smough relished his title as executioner, so much so that he ground the bones of his victims into his feed.[1] He desired to be a part of Gwyn's Knights, but was rejected due to his cannibalistic behavior.

Smough was one of the few living creatures present in Anor Londo, fighting alongside an illusion of Dragonslayer Ornstein conjured by Gwyndolin.

When Ornstein left, Smough was the only one left to guard the city. How he died is unknown but it is implied that he was consumed by Aldrich.


  • In the code for the Japanese version of the game, Smough's name is displayed as '処刑者スモウ', which translates to read as 'Executioner Sumou'.
  • Concept art of Smough's armor depicts a rather muscular man wearing it. Whether this depiction is of Smough himself, or a male Chosen Undead wearing his armor, is unknown.
    • It is described as being difficult for humans to wear, implying some aspects of the armor are natural to Smough's body and appearance.
  • When worn by the player, the visor in Smough's helm is located at the neck of the helm, and a small wooden construction holds the upper part of the helm in place.
    • Whether Smough also wears the helm like this or not is unknown.



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