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The Eyes of a Fire Keeper are a key item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A pair of dark eyes.
Said to be the eyes of the first Fire Keeper, and the light that was lost by all Fire Keepers to come.
It reveals to the sightless Fire Keepers things that they should never see.


Found in the Untended Graves, inside the Flameless Shrine. They can be found on a body lying beyond an illusory wall located where Irina normally resides in Firelink Shrine. The existence of this wall is hinted by the shorter length that corridor has, if compared to its normal shrine version counterpart.


Given to the Fire Keeper adds an option to her services to unlock the End of Fire ending.


  • Though grateful for such a precious gift, the Fire Keeper will show herself reluctant of letting the Ashen One have this as one of their options and will repeatedly ask them to end her life and take the eyes from her body. If the player complies to her plead, she will reappear in the shrine the next time they visit it and state that as a fire keeper, she cannot be permanently killed. The player may give her the eyes again if they choose to do so.

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