Falconers are mentioned soldiers and enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Domestic Volgen soldiers are infamously timid,
so it is no wonder that this fierce band of
mercenary falconers was hired to compensate.
In practice they serve as bodyguards for the
affluent elite, and they serve well, such that
nobody dares scrutinize their backgrounds.[1]


Falconers are tough enemies that appear at Things Betwixt in NG+. They use their falcons as a ranged attack dealing massive damage, their blades if the player gets too close, and bows if the falcon can't reach the player.

Scholar of the First Sin:

Falconers without the falcons can now be found in the Shaded Woods heading to Drangleic Castle, or at the Royal Army Campsite in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.

The Falconer archers have an attack where they fire two arrows at once. Falconers have a shield stance where they will attempt to parry attacks.


Falconers are mercenaries that hail from the city of Volgen. They are usually hired as bodyguards and do their job so effectively that nobody dares ask them about their past.


These foes all come at the player at once, so dealing with them can prove troublesome. They don't have much poise, so it's best to strike them down before they can strike the player. They will use their falcons to attack and will completely bypass shields; however, their swords can be blocked.

Their moveset is very similar to that from Royal Guards, albeit much faster. They take time to recover once they finish a combo, which leaves them vulnerable afterward. Their individual attacks do not drain much stamina if blocked with a shield that has 100% physical damage absorption and good stability.

The archer variant will switch to his sword if approached, although his speed will be notoriously slower than that of their natural swordsmen counterparts.


Item Sunlight Medal II
Sunlight Medal
Falconer Helm
Falconer Helm
Falconer Armor
Falconer Armor
Falconer Gloves
Falconer Gloves
Drop Rate ???
??? ??? ???
Item Falconer Boots
Falconer Boots
Drop Rate ???



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