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Fencer Sharron is a dark spirit exclusive for Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.


  • Iron Keep's main gate. She'll usually invade before Armorer Dennis, although sometimes she can invade after him.
  • Dragon Aerie. Take the right-lower path at the first cave after crossing the bridge from the Dragon Aerie Bonfire. Sharron will invade once the player reaches the next bridge.


Combat OverviewEdit

A merely melee-based dark spirit, Sharron wields and power-stances a Puzzling Stone Sword with a Spider Fang. Due to the segmented blade nature of the Puzzling Stone Sword, she can perform deceptively ranged attacks. Most of her combos are very quick and designed to stun-lock the player, often killing them if she manages to connect a couple of successful attacks. If the player opts to raise a shield, she'll be prone to perform a guard break and follow with a barrage of slashes in return.


A good strategy is to bring a great hammer, hold it with both hands and perform a strong attack to smash her into the ground. Trying to land another hit while she's recovering is arguably recommended, as she could roll away and retaliate with a quick barrage of attacks. To ensure a hit, the player may wait for her around a corner and attack her as she closes in, then find another corner where to hide in and repeat the process until she's defeated.

In Iron Keep, due to the stage's layout, a good strategy is to lure her into running around one of the staircases and attack her every time she's about to reach a corner. If she manages to injure the player, they can just drop down and heal while waiting for her.


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