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ZombieHeadz of Mirrah is showing off the Black Scorpion Stinger move set today, including dual wield & power stance, in Dark Souls 2.

DESCRIPTION: "Manscorpion Tark's thrusting sword. The scorpion pincer guard contains poison, which is injected into foes pierced by the blade. Tark's past is a thing obscure. But then again, do any of us know who we are, let alone what we may have been?"

ACQUIRE: Dropped by a Mimic Chest in the first room of Doors of Pharros (in the far right corner when entering from the Scorpioness Najka boss fight.)

To use Power Stance - Your stats need to be 150% of the STR and DEX requirements of the weapon STR and DEX requirements (150% of the highest weapon requirements when power stancing two different weapons). For example: To use power stance with two weapons requiring 20 STR and 14 DEX your character's stats need to be 30 STR and 21 DEX.

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  • Black Scorpion Stinger

    The Black Scorpion Stinger is a thrusting sword in Dark Souls II. Availability Can be looted...

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