Fire Greatarrows are a type of ammunition in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Greatarrows imbued with fire. Tipped with Charcoal Pine Resin.
Weapons fortified with fire are effective against foes vulnerable to fire, such as Undead or beasts.
If you require magic but have learned none yourself, these will serve you well.


Usage Edit

Fire Greatarrows deal split physical/fire damage, making them an attractive addition to any players' arsenal, as enemies that are weak to fire will take considerably more damage from each greatarrow, and the split damage makes them harder to block against. (unless a Gyrm Greatshield is in use.)

They do travel slower, however, and will do noticeably less damage to enemies that are resistant to fire damage. Greatbows infused with fire will benefit greatly from the use of these greatarrows.


  • After hitting a surface, the Fire Greatarrow explodes in a flame burst. Despite the visual effect, it does not have any kind of AoE damage, dealing damage on impact like regular greatarrows.
  • Due to the nature of the damage, this greatarrow is best used along a Fire-infused Greatbow.

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