Fire Seeds are upgrade materials in Dark Souls II. They are required to upgrade a Pyromancy Flame at Rosabeth of Melfia or Carhillion of the Fold.

In-Game Description

A tiny waning flame. Used to strengthen a pyromancy flame.
A pyromancy flame serves as the catalyst for pyromancies, and scales with the strength of each spell according to its level.
Fire is a common object of worship. It can never be grasped, and its mystery stokes the human imagination.


  • One can be found in Sinner's Rise in a locked cell up the stairs by the boss fog, requires Bastille Key to access.
  • One can be found inside an Iron Chest in Harvest Valley.
  • One can be found next to staircase in Iron Keep on the lava path that leads to the iron chest with the pyromancy Chaos Storm.
  • One can be found in The Rotten's boss room.
  • Three can be purchased from Rosabeth of Melfia for 8,000 souls each.
  • One is dropped by Rosabeth of Melfia.
  • One can be found in the Shaded Woods in the area where Vengarl of Forossa the merchant is located.
  • One can be found in Brightstone Cove Tseldora through a door to the right of the room after the black phantom villager where numerous spiders drop from the ceiling, requires Brightstone Key to access.
  • One can be found outside the Drangleic Castle inside a chest on the right (near the castle doors).
  • One can be found in the Drangleic Castle inside an iron chest in the room with the Embedded.
  • One can be found in Aldia's Keep just after the door requiring the King's Ring to the right.
  • One is given by the last Milfanito in the Shrine of Amana if the player rescued all of them.
  • One can be found in the Shrine of Amana in a cave down the stairs from the shrine one of the milfanito is praying at if she was saved earlier, past the rise of the dead bonfire.
  • One can be found in Undead Crypt on a corpse at the base of the ladder which needs to be climbed to obtain the Crushed Eye Orb.
  • One can be found in the Memory of Orro in a chest behind an illusory wall in the room unlocked by the pharros contraption.
  • One can be found in the Memory of Vammar, in the corridor after Captain Drummond.
  • One can be found on a corpse on the platform next to the Giant Lord boss inside the Memory of Jeigh.
  • One can be found at the start of Undead Purgatory on a corpse. The corpse is on a platform that is reached by jumping off to the right at the end of the bridge. A Sublime Bone Dust is also found on this corpse.

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