The Firelink Set is a medium armor set in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Armor of the Soul of Cinder, a deific manifestation of the Lords of Cinder, who linked the First Flame.
It resembles a knight's armor, but bears hideous burns and contortions.
It exists as a symbol of the great Lords and the noble act of linking the fire, though it is no more than an empty husk.


Sold by the Shrine Handmaid for a total of 40,000 souls after defeating the Soul of Cinder.

It is not required to enter NG+ in order to buy it, although if bought in NG, a second Firelink Set will become available in NG+.


Despite being among the lighter of the medium armor sets, the Firelink Set has numerous compromised defenses unbecoming of an armor that can only be unlocked by beating the game.

It has moderate protection against Regular and Slash damage, but is particularly weak to Strike damage and does not resist Thrust very well either. Its elemental defenses are also rather poor, with its highest resistance being against Fire damage; like other plate armor sets it is weak to Lightning, and as armor previously worn by the manifestation of the First Flame it is particularly weak to Dark damage.

Its status effect resistances are respectable but not very noteworthy, save for its higher-than-usual resistance to Frost buildup. Its Poise is also quite poor, comparable to that which would otherwise be found on a light armor set.

Set piecesEdit

Armor Piece Physical absorption Elemental absorption Resistances General values
Firelink Helm
Firelink Helm
4.8 2.5 4.8 4.4 2.6 4.4 1.8 1.4 20 12 16 8 4.1 4.2 350 2,000
Firelink Armor
Firelink Armor
11.9 8.0 12.9 10.2 6.9 10.7 5.5 5.5 47 30 43 19 8.6 8.9 350 2,000
Firelink Gauntlets
Firelink Gauntlets
2.3 2.1 2.7 1.9 3.0 3.3 3.1 2.5 16 22 24 21 2.7 1.4 280 2,000
Firelink Leggings
Firelink Leggings
5.4 5.0 6.2 4.5 6.0 7.3 7.0 5.6 28 40 44 37 4.8 3.5 280 2,000


It is not required to defeat Soul of Cinder in the player's world. Assisting a Host of Embers in defeating Soul of Cinder in their world will also unlock the Firelink Set for purchase in the player's own world.


  • The Firelink Set is prominently promoted in Dark Souls III official art, making it the "poster" armor for the game. It succeeds the Elite Knight Set from Dark Souls and the Faraam Set from Dark Souls II in this regard, though it also shares this distinction with the Knight Set, which is used to promote trailers and previews.