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For the Dark Souls III location, see Firelink Shrine (Dark Souls III).

Firelink Shrine is a location in Dark Souls. It is the first location visited after the player escapes the Undead Asylum.


Firelink Shrine acts as hub or base for the Chosen Undead and links to many other locations. Once a character is rescued, or a certain part of their story line is reached, he or she will usually return to Firelink Shrine and will typically offer some sort of service. Anastacia of Astora is the Bonfire Fire Keeper.

If any key item is dropped like a Lord's Soul or the Covenant of Artorias, The item will respawn in the chest behind where King Seeker Frampt spawns.


This is a list of characters that will go to, or already be in, Firelink Shrine at some point:


Enemies can be found on the outskirts of the area, leading up to Undead Burg and in the graveyard, leading down into The Catacombs.

Notable ItemsEdit









Dark Souls OST - Firelink Shrine02:57

Dark Souls OST - Firelink Shrine

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