For the Dark Souls variant, see Flame Stoneplate Ring.
For the Dark Souls II equivalent, see Flame Quartz Ring.

The Flame Stoneplate Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Stoneplates are symbols of true knights, and red stoneplates are granted to those who valiantly face Chaos.
Increases fire damage absorption.


  • Flame Stoneplate Ring
    • Found in the Undead Settlement, on a corpse hanging from the highest cliff and near the non-hostile Manservant. The body may fall down the cliff, forcing the player to traverse a big part of the level in order to retrieve it. If this happens, just closing and continuing the game will make it spawn lying below the tree and ready to be looted.
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring+1 (NG+)
    • Found in the Profaned Capital. From the Profaned Capital bonfire, climb down the ladder and exit through a hole on the wall. Proceed onward until reaching the toxic swamp and climb up the ladder on the right of the chapel's ruins. Drop down near the entrance of the room with the sleeping Monstrosity of Sin and onto a piece of roof visible below. The ring can then be looted from a body lying in a little alcove.
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring+2 (NG++)
    • Found in the Smouldering Lake. From the Demon Ruins bonfire, descend two sets of stairs to reach a big room with two Demon Clerics. Turn right and proceed straightforward into a passage at the end. Hit the carved wall at the very end of this passage to reveal a hidden room with a Black Knight slaying a Ghru. The ring can be found inside.


  • Flame Stoneplate Ring: Increases Fire damage absorption by 13%, 4% in PvP.
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring+1: Increases Fire damage absorption by 17%, 5% in PvP.
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring+2: Increases Fire damage absorption by 20%, 6% in PvP.


  • Decreases its effectiveness the higher the player's Fire absorption becomes.